"The initial part, analysis of my writing was what amazed me in the first go. Ms Pooja was surprisingly very accurate about my personality. Now that i knew my shortcomings, it was time to correct them.

Coming to the second part, changing my handwriting a bit had a major impact on my personality over time. The whole course lasted for over 3 months, after which i noticed my anxiety was lower than average. I also noticed increased energy in my day to day tasks.

It was a wonderful experience overall. "

------ Sahil Arte ( 23 years), IT

"I attended a session with Write Minds out of curiosity. I was asked to give a one page write up on anything I'd like to write and then I was called for a session. I was in awe when Ms Pooja shared her analysis with me about my personality and we discussed my behaviour and approach to certain things in life. She then advised me with small moves I can make everyday to win big battles in the long run. I'd recommend one should consult and see how they can make it useful for themselves.

On another note, Ms Pooja is calm, very empathetic, non judgemental and speaks with candor."

------ Mr Prakash Jain ( 23 years), IT

"The whole process with Pooja was really helpful and gave me insights about my personality and how it affected my behaviour and emotions.

It was a judgement free and empathetic experience which helped to discuss my thoughts in a comfortable manner. The advice given by her helped me navigate some of the issues I was dealing with in my life. I highly recommend the services provided by her. The process has also made me more self aware about my thoughts and actions and how it affects the people around me. A big thanks to her!"

------ Ms Ankita M. ( 22 years), IT

"My personal life had some disturbances due to which I was nearing depression. I was facing issues like constant irritation, anger and anxiety. I learnt about graphology from Write Minds. Write minds did the Handwriting Analysis and suggested appropriate graphotherapy for me. When I followed the changes in handwriting strokes, I started experiencing many changes in my life.

Due to anxiety I used to bite my nails. I could stop nail biting and raise my nails after the changes. I was afraid of public speaking but now I can talk to people without fear. I am feeling like my internal blocks are getting clear.

Negative people have moved out, came in contacts of the people for things I wanted to do for a long time. My relationship with my parents improved a lot. Graphotherapy helped me to concentrate important things in my life.

My procastination has also reduced. This therapy has helped me in many aspects of my life personally and professionally."

------ Mrs Pratibha S (43 years), Entrepreneur

"Last year, I was unable to focus at work due to lack of communication, poor concentration and developed low enthusiasm towards my profession. As a result, I did not get an expected promotion.

I approached Write Minds to do Graphotherapy. The expert answered all my queries and doubts patiently. She provided me feedback on my strengths and the areas of improvement.

Thanks to Write Minds as I was able to regain my confidence back and now I am working enthusiastically towards my promotion."

------ Ms Smita (35 years), IT Professional


"The handwriting analysis done by Write Minds was so correct.

I had relationship issues. I had many failed relationships in past. I always blamed my partner for it. After the analysis, I understood the real reason behind it.

I never knew that Handwriting can tell so many things about people"

------ Ms Manisha M. (25 years), Accountant

"My son was going through a tough time during his teenage years. His behavior showed mood swings and he also became very aggressive sometimes.
We had tried multiple therapies for our son but to no avail. Because of the accurate Personality Analysis Report done at Write Minds for him we realized the reason behind his disturbed mind.
Thank you so much for providing us a detailed analysis."

--------Ms Sunita (40 years), Mother


"I was not sure of getting my handwriting analyzed. My friend recommended me to get it done from Write Minds.
Pooja gave me an accurate analysis and she told me some things about me which were very stunning.
Thanks Pooja and wishing you the best for your future work." ------Ms Neha (35 years),  Homemaker