Our Team

Ms. Pooja Renukdas (Founder- Write Minds)

She has focused on 'Handwriting Analysis' and 'Graphotherapy' after working for 2 decades in IT industry. 

Recently, 3000 students from many schools had participated in her handwriting awareness program. Her customized programs: 1) Improving Personal Health & 2) Improving Relationships has helped many individuals.

Her research articles are: 1) Impact of Handwriting on 7 Chakras & 2) Handwriting Analysis for Career

Dr. Noothan Rao (Founder- 'Write Strokes with Right Thoughts')

She has taught 'Handwriting Analysis and Graphotherapy' for students in various institutes.

Her energetic, enthusiastic, motivational attitude as a mentor is always an inspiration for the new generation.

Mr Nilesh B Walawalkar (Founder- www.nbwal.com)

Write Minds is truly benefited through his two decades of professional experience in Content, Design, User Experience for Digital promotions. He is also an avid Visual illustrator.

He is also a practitioner and certified 'Lay Counselor'.

Ms Mona Sinha (Content, Technology & Admin Associate)

She has been associated with Write Minds for Digital Content Creation, Administration and Coordination.

Her past experience of content creation and administration is an added advantage for Write Minds.